Football is back in full swing tonight! The quest for the Lombardi starts in Kansas City, Missouri. But, before we get there, we have 18 weeks of football and 272 games of football to get through. We’re going to try and predict the first 16. Week 1. It’s finally here.

Detroit Lions vs Kansas City Chiefs

MY PICK: Kansas City Chiefs

This game has the potential to be a shootout, although Chiefs TE Travis Kelce being ruled out lessens that likelyhood, I still like the Chiefs to win this game. I can’t bet against the Super Bowl Champions, on their home turf, on banner raising night. Lions got this game for a reason though. They’re on the trend upwards. In the offseason, they made some nice additions to make sure that trend stays moving upwards. If they’re going to pull off the upset, those new additions are going to have to ball out.

Carolina Panthers vs Atlanta Falcons

MY PICK: Carolina Panthers

Personally, I’m just not high on the Falcons. I like some of the young talent they have on offense, but their defense has nothing good going for them, outside of S Jessie Bates, whom they signed in free agency. Bijan Robinson is going to be a stud in that offense. Their downfall is likely at the hands of second-year quarterback Desmond Ridder, who has the trust of this Falcons organization to be their QB1. I just don’t see it.

Houston Texans vs Baltimore Ravens

MY PICK: Baltimore Ravens

This should be a common consensus pick here, unless you’re going for an upset (which in that case, send it!). Houston is starting their 2023 2nd overall pick in CJ Stroud. Drafted out of Ohio State, Stroud looks to turn around this Texans franchise and lead them to a Super Bowl. Just keep him far away from a massage parlor.

Cincinnati Bengals vs Cleveleland Browns

MY PICK: Cleveland Browns

Bengals are the better team, let’s get that fact out of the way. The Bengals take a while to get going every season, and this is no different. Plus, they aren’t going to sweep their division, and people are overlooking the Browns quite a lot. Deshaun Watson should have a bounce back year. People forget he was a Top 3 quarterback before he was traded.

Jacksonville Jaguars vs Indianapolis Colts

MY PICK: Indianapolis Colts

Just a gut feeling. I don’t think Anthony Richardson will have the best rookie season, just based on how raw he is as a player. What I do know is he is the hardest working person on either team, staying in the facility for 8 hours on his day off, even when he was told to leave. That’s dedication, and even if it doesn’t pay off this week, it will pay off eventually. Anthony Richardson is going to be a star.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Minnesota Vikings

MY PICK: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Another upset, and rightfully so. Week 1 of the NFL season is always chaos. Baker Mayfield takes over the starting job, as Tom Brady retired after the 2022 season. While Mayfield hasn’t been great, he’s better than he gets credit for. Getting a chance in Tampa to revitalize his career might be all he needs to do just that.

Tennessee Titans vs New Orleans Saints

MY PICK: Tennessee Titans

These seems feel similar to me. Average QB, great runningback(s), and a solid defense. It could go either way. I believe Derek Carr will struggle in New Orleans early on, and I think the Titans are going to be looking to avenge their terrible end to the season last year. After adding DeAndre Hopkins in free agency, Ryan Tannehill looks to return to his 2019 form. Can he do just that?

San Francisco 49ers vs Pittsburgh Steelers

MY PICK: Pittsburgh Steelers

For Pittsburgh to win this game, or any games this season, 2nd year quarterback Kenny Pickett has to be average- that’s it. If TJ Watt can stay healthy, the defense will do it’s job. As for the 49ers, I might be the only one who has serious questions about Brock Purdy’s elbow being shot. He’s been cleared to play, he’s going to start. But will he be able to show the flases he did last season is up for debate.

Arizona Cardinals vs Washington Commanders

MY PICK: Wasington Commanders

Until Kyler Murray comes back, the Cardinals are toast. If he doesn’t return in 2023, this roster would go 0-17, especially with the head coach they have in Jonathan Gannon. He couldn’t inspire a brick wall. If Washington wants any chance of being relevant in the tough NFC East, they have to walk away from this game with a win. No excuses.

Green Bay Packers vs Chicago Bears

MY PICK: Green Bay Packers

After 3 long years, 2020 1st Round Pick Jordan Love finally gets his chance in year 4 after sitting behind Aaron Rodgers for the last 3 seasons. Packers fans are only hoping he learned atleast something, and can help return the Packers to the playoffs. As for the Bears, they added some weapons for Justin Fields, who they now hope can breakout and become the superstar they’ve been waiting their entire existence for.

Las Vegas Raiders vs Denver Broncos

MY PICK: Denver Broncos

2022 was an absolute disaster for the Broncos. After giving up 2 first round picks and several roster players for QB Russell Wilson, they had aspirations of being Super Bowl contenders. But they were the complete opposite of that, becoming the worst watch on any given Sunday, that even Broncos fans stopped watching. With new Head Coach Sean Payton in town, the hope is that 2022 was just a fluke, and Denver will be heading for glory in 2023.

Miami Dolphins vs Los Angeles Chargers

MY PICK: Miami Dolphins

Both these rosters have superstar talent on both sides of the ball, lead by 2 of the best young quarterbacks in the league. Herbert and Tagovailoa share a lot in common; they were both drafted in 2020, they haven’t had much team success in their careers so far, and they’re both stuck behind better QB’s who have owned their division in recent memory. I believe Miami has the best chance to change that, and it starts with a Week 1 win over the Chargers.

Philadelphia Eagles vs New England Patriots

MY PICK: New England Patriots

The Eagles have one of the best rosters in the NFL, evident by their Superr Bowl run in 2022. However, they seem a little too caught up in their loss to Kansas City several months ago, and that Super Bowl hangover is going to hit them because of that. They’ll struggle early and put it together later, but that’s why I have the New England Patriots getting the upset in Week 1. Because Week 1 is chaos.

Los Angeles Rams vs Seattle Seahawks

MY PICK: Seattle Seahawks

Los Angeles has top end talent that will win them games on it’s own. As for Seattle, they have aspirations of winning the division in 2023. If they’re going to do that, this is a must win game. Good teams cannot lose to bad teams like the Rams. With offseason additions of Jaxon Smith-Njigba, Zach Charbonnet and bringing back Bobby Wagner, Seattle looks to be making a run for the NFC West title and more.

Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants

MY PICK: Dallas Cowboys

THe Giants made strides in the right direction last season, winning their first playoff game in a decade. They extended QB Daniel Jones this offseason, who showed major strides in his game last season. With that being said, Dallas is 10x the team the Giants are right now, they have a much better quarterback and their defense is tops in the league. Expect a Dallas blowout for the Cowboys opener.

Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets

MY PICK: Buffalo Bills

The disrespect around Buffalo has gotten a little crazy in the offseason. They didn’t make any flashy moves like their divisional counterparts, but rather continued to build on top of the great roster they already have. While the Jets might make a push for the playoffs with new QB Aaron Rodgers at the helm, they are still miles behind Buffalo in terms of pushing for the division.

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