With the 2023 NFL season just a few long months away, it’s about that time of year where sports analysts and journalists alike spew out nonsense bold takes to get your attention. After all, it does work. But today we are going to highlight 10 bold predictions that will make you go “Yeah, honestly maybe. It’s possible”. Or maybe you’ll just think I’m stupid.

1): Trevor Lawrence wins MVP, Jacksonville takes the throne as the #1 seed

Now you might be thinking it’s crazy for one of these things to happen, let alone BOTH, but I believe both Lawrence winning MVP and Jaguars taking the #1 seed in the AFC go hand in hand. Year after year you’re going to be battling big and established names for the MVP like Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers, 2 QBs who have won the award several times. However, this is going to be the year where Trevor Lawrence shows the world why he was so hyped up for so long. They have the 23rd ranked strength of schedule, their division might be the worst in football (outside of themselves) and Calvin Ridley will make his Jaguars debut after being suspended for the entirety of the 2022 season for gambling. I’m no gambling man, but Trevor Lawrence MVP and Jacksonville Jaguars 1 seed might be the 2 best value bets of the offseason.

2): Detroit Lions win the NFC

No I’m not talking about the 1 seed in the NFC. I’m talking about representing the NFC in the Super Bowl. The Lions barely missed the playoffs last season and are finally starting to head in the right direction. Although they made some questionable first round draft choices, I still believe they will be quality starters in this league and make an immediate impact. Jared Goff is still their guy, who I believe is Top 10. He and the Lions will do just enough to run the table and make it to Super Bowl 58.

3): Aaron Rodgers and the Jets win the AFC East

Now, let me be clear. As of right now, the AFC East absolutely still runs through Buffalo. They have won the division for the past 3 seasons. But not only do the Buffalo Bills have a very difficult schedule, they go through an absolute gauntlet of quarterbacks, in order: Rodgers, Tagovailoa, Lawrence, Burrow, Russ (If he doesn’t stink), Rodgers (again), Hurts, Mahomes, Prescott, Herbert, and Tagovailoa again. 11 games against capable quarterbacks. Could be 11 losses if they are unlucky. Half of those are more than likely losses.

Now for the Jets. Bringing in a rejuvenated Rodgers, reuniting him with Nathaniel Hackett, his offensive coordinator in Green Bay that helped him get back to back MVPs, a loaded defense, tons of weapons. It looks like a great season is coming up for New York. Or it could be one of the biggest “what if’s” of all time. Only time will tell.

4): Lamar Jackson throws for 4500 yards

With the additions of OBJ and Zay Flowers in the draft, and already having Mark Andrews and Rashod Bateman in the mix, a new offensive coordinator with a pass first philosophy, it’s going to be a career year for Jackson. And I haven’t even mentioned his rushing ability, which teams will still have to account for. If all goes well in Baltimore, I wouldn’t even be shocked if he throws for 5000 yards. It’s a passing league, and the Ravens are finally catching up to it.

5): Micah Parsons breaks the sack record

This offseason, it was announced that Parsons would be making the fulltime switch to defensive end, where he will purely be rushing the passer. No more wasted snaps at linebacker, no more being a “hybrid player”, just a pass rusher now. Although that is what he was mainly known for, his production would only increase now that he will be focusing only on taking down the other teams’ quarterback. But how much would he break this record by? By 0.5 sacks? No. Micah Parsons will have 25 sacks.

6): Russell Wilson recieves his first MVP vote

It’s honestly kind of shocking that a guy with the career and level of consistency (2022 isn’t real it never happened) has not recieved a single MVP vote. Not even a bottom of the barrel vote. Nothing. But this will be the year that changes. New head coach Sean Payton will help revitalize Russ’ career and earn him a 5th place MVP vote. Yes that counts.

7): Chicago moves on from Justin Fields

Justin Fields showed a lot of promise in the 2022 season as a runner, rushing for over 1000 yards. Which is really nice because it is moving the ball. But as the quarterback, his job is to THROW the ball, and he just hasn’t done that. Through 2 years there is absolutely nothing to be seen about his ability to even be an adequate pocket passer in the league. Yes, he has a highlight here and there, but there is no consistency. He needs to improve his passing, and although I believe he will be, Chicago more than likely selects 1st or 2nd and will move on to take Caleb Williams or Drake Maye, 2 players who could put up better numbers passing than Fields if they got drafted tomorrow.

8): Patrick Mahomes has a down year

Super Bowl hangover? Injury concerns? Distracting personal issues off the field? Who knows what the cause will be. But you can look forward to a down year for Mahomes if you’re anyone but a Chiefs fan. That’s not saying he’s going to have an awful year, just down by his standards. In the season following their Super Bowl 54 win, the Chiefs went back to the Super Bowl and got blown out at the hands of Tom Brady and the Bucs. Now that wouldn’t happen again, because the NFC as a whole is desperate for talent. But with how loaded the AFC is, I wouldn’t expect Kansas City and crew to be going back to the big dance to defend their title.

9): Bill Belichick retires after the season

If I was a gambling man, which I am, I would bet big money on the Patriots finishing dead last in their division. They by far have the worst quarterback, worst wide reciever room, worst defense, the list goes on. Having a great coach elevates a good roster to great, or a mediocre roster to good. But the Patriots roster is neither, and in a loaded division for years to come, New England is falling behind, and Belichick wants no part in ruining his post Brady legacy. The Patriots dynasty isn’t just over, it’s dead. And it will be dead for a very long time.

10): Comeback Player of the Year award gets renamed

With the Damar Hamlin incident in the Bills/Bengals week 17 game in the 2022 season bringing the football world and beyond to a complete halt, it might be one of the most tragic days in the entire history of the NFL. Now for the good stuff. Damar Hamlin is healthy, he’s back on the roster and he (barring any unforeseen circumstances), he will make the team. That is enough for him to win this award. He is a backup to Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer, but will more than likely see some late game action during a Bill’s blowout. With (possibly) the most remarkable comeback in sports history, the award will be given to Hamlin with a new name; the “Damar Hamlin Comeback Player of the Year” award. A remarkable young man like Damar Hamlin should live on in football history for the rest of time.

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