Ever since entering the league, Dalvin Cook has been one of the elite running backs in the league. In that same timespan, the Bills rushing production (minus Josh Allen) has not been great. Over his 6 year career, Cook has battled injuries, but has posted nearly 6,000 yards rushing and 47 touchdowns with 4.7 yards a carry. There would be pros and cons to signing him.

Pro: He is still a top 10 running back

In the 2022 season, Dalvin Cook played his first full season. Appearing in 17 games, he posted a stat line of 1173 yards for 8 touchdowns at 4.4 yards per carry. Those are pretty good numbers, compared to what the Bills have had over the years. His stats last season prove he can still play in this league and can slot in as RB1 for whatever team he signs for.

Con: He will cost too much

The Bills do not have any salary. Yes the salary cap is not real, but money is, and you don’t tend to give big money to running backs because the turnover rate at the position has become quite high. The Chiefs just won the Super Bowl with 7th round pick Isaiah Pacheco as their starter. Cheap running backs on rookie deals or close to league minimum seem to be the play for many Super Bowl contenders moving forward.

Pro: The duo of brothers in the back field

This doesn’t seem like a very plausible pro, if it is one at all. The duo of James and Dalvin Cook would be electric. The storyline would be fantastic if they won the Super Bowl. Hell, trade for Trevon Diggs while you’re at it.

Con: Too many talented running backs

On a roster that already has James Cook, Damien Harris and Nyheim Hines, there is no room for Dalvin Cook. One of the 3 running backs just listed would have to be cut, and unless they have an abomination of a training camp, it’s highly unlikely. Sean McDermott and Co. are confident in the guys that they have

The Verdict:

So the big question. Will the Buffalo Bills sign Dalvin Cook? No. Running back is not a pressing need, and if they can’t even go after Deandre Hopkins, who many consider to be the missing piece to put them over the top, what makes you think they will shovel out big money for a running back pushing 30? It’s unlikely, but if he is willing to take a very big discount to chase a Super Bowl with his brother, it’s possible.

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